Topic 4 – Homes

We have come to the end of our topic – HOMES.  Below please find concepts covered in each subject to help you with your revision.

English: sounds ‘oo’, ‘oo’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘th’

  • vowel ‘y’ (if a word ends with sound ‘i’ change last letter to ‘y’ as no english word ends in ‘i’)
  • initial consonant blends
  • final consonant blends
  • rhyming words
  • sentence rules (starts with capital letter, spaces between words, finish with a fullstop)
  • sentence structure
  • sentence writing
  • alphabet sequence
  • putting words in alphabetical order
  • mnemonics (make up a funny sentence to remind you how to spell a difficult word)
  • long or short medial vowels
  • regular words learnt: good, book, look, food, moon, zoo, chop, chat, rich, ship, shut, shelf, wish, this then, with.
  • sentences with regular and tricky words: We sleep in the field.  I wait for the boat.  My chin is on my chest.  The shop has lots of fish.  The three kids think of that cat.
  • tricky words learnt: go, no, so, my, by, one, like, have.

Maths: Portions

  • Numbers up to 50 (counting and recognition)
  • Problem solving with addition and subtraction
  • Money – shopping (value of coins when added together)
  • Money – shopping (giving change)
  • Odd/even numbers
  • Totals of….
  • Add more than 2 digits
  • Number sentences
  • Weight

Malti: Sillabi

  • sib il-hbieb
  • il-vokali
  • gruppi
  • Din/dan/dawn
  • kliem li jaqblu (rhyming)
  • ra/rat
  • mara/ragel (femminil/maskil)
  • kbir/kbira
  • ha/hadet
  • In-numri
  • L-Ghid
  • vokabolarju: kitarra, vjolin, trumbetta, pjanu, sodda, tapit, kuxin,sufan, flokk, dublett, qmis, qalziet, xorz, kalzetti, zarbun, bandiera, vapur tal-pirati, pirati, kappell, senduq, tezor, flus.
  • stejjer: Flokk lir-Ralf, Gallettini
  • Kliem studjat: ohti, hija, nannu, papa’, huta, kelb, qattus, fenek, din, dan, dawn, ahna, huma, mara, tara, jara, nara, taraw, naraw, jaraw, ahmar, ahdar, isfar, iswed, abjad, blu

Religion: Jesus loves the children, Feeding of the 5000, The good Samaritan, The lost sheep, St Joseph, Holy Week, Our Lady of Sorrows, The Last Supper, Good Friday, Easter

Science:  pond life, animal homes, animal habitat, rubbish, electricity, traffic lights, safety at home, emergency call, heavy/light, materials

We have looked at a lot of different concepts in all areas.  Please use this resume for revision and to help keep your children abreast with concepts covered so far.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Topic 3 – Animals

Here is the resume of our third topic – ANIMALS.  Use it for reinforcement and building up on concepts already covered.

English: digraphs: ‘ai’, ‘oa’, ‘ie’, ‘ee’, ‘or’, ‘ng’

  • pattern words (same ending)
  • alphabet sequence
  • alphabetical order (putting words in alphabetical order – looking at the first letter and putting in sequence, if this is the same we look at second letter etc…)
  • medial sounds (vowels)
  • magic ‘e’ (‘e’ found at the end of a word, changes the sound of the previous vowel)
  • initial and ending consonant blends (two consonants next to one another as in snake, string….
  • rhyming words (words that sound the same)
  • word building (consonant, vowel, consonants)
  • sentence building (importance of starting with a cpaital letter and finishing with a fullstop)
  • arranging sentences(word with a capital letter on the front, word with the fullstop at the end, others in between to make sense of a sentence – even if a ‘silly’ one)
  • regular words learnt: rain, pain, train, tail, snail, wait, boat, goat, soap, road, toast, coat, tie, die, lie,pit, bee, see, deep, green, need, sleep, sheep, ring, sing, king, long, bang, bring, paint, sail, toad, moat, peep, feed, horse, storm, wing, string.
  • tricky words learnt: are, you, all, your, come, some, said, here, there, they

Maths:  one more/one less

  • estimation (guess number of objects by looking before counting)
  • totals of – (grouping two numbers together to form same answer ex. 3+7-10, 5+5=10)
  • sorting (putting objects in categories by a criteria)
  • measures (by span, cubes, ruler, meter ruler)
  • days of the week (name, recognize and order)
  • months (name, recognize and order)
  • seasons (name, recognize and order in line with months)
  • time – hour (o’clock) big hand always on the 12
  • time – half past – big hand always on the 6
  • positions and directions
  • writing numbers over 20
  • how many 10’s in a number (look at the first digit)
  • counting in 2’s
  • counting in 5’s
  • counting in 10’s
  • doubles (adding same number ex. 2+2=4)
  • 2D shapes (recognizing,naming and properties)
  • 3D shapes (recognizing, naming and some properties)

Malti: ittri h, r, v, w, x, z(bit-tikka), z, k, s, gh, h, ie

  • l-alfabet wara xulxin
  • ittra nieqsa fil bidu ta’ kelma
  • ittra nieqsa fit-tarf tal-kelma
  • ghazel l-ittra t-tajba
  • Annimali: nannakola, hanfusa, farfett, kelb, qattus, kanarin, huta, baqra, papra, ghasfur
  • hsejjes tal-annimali: il-baqra taghmel ‘muu muu’, il-papra taghmel ‘klakk klakk’, il-qattus jaghmel ‘mijaw, mijaw’, il-kelb jaghmel ‘baw baw’, l-ghasfur jaghmel ‘psst, psst’
  • in-natura: xemx, sigra, werqa, bahar, sema, haxix, fjura
  • Qari: Isfar jew ahdar?,  Flokk lir-Ralf

Religion: The three kings, The baptism of Jesus, Noah’s Arc, Daniel in the lions’ den, Joseph and coat of colours, The Apostles, St Paul, the Prodigal son, lent, Our Father.

Science: Animal awareness, looking after pet, animal habitats, baby animals, animal families, wild animals, jungle animals, weather changes.

During this topic we explored many things about animals going from animals we know a lot about like our pets to animals that we have never seen except on Tv or in a zoo, to other animals that we will never see again as they have become extinct.  I hope you enjoyed all we did about animals and most of all that your love for these lovely creatures grew.  We will still meet a few of them during our next topic – HOMES.

Topic 2 – Having Fun

Although later than predicted here is the resume on our second topic: HAVING  FUN

English:letters: l, f, b, j, z, v, w, x, y, qu

  • vowels – needed to build words
  • blending 3 and 4 sounds to build a word
  • sound segmentation – how many sounds in…..
  • alphabeth names
  • capitals/small letters
  • pattern words: __ap, __un, __op, __ox, __ig,__us,
  • sound blending with s:  st, sp, sn, str
  • regular words learnt: big, frog, bus, us, must, vet, wet, wig, box, fox, twin, sun, bun, run, fun, gun, map, tap, nap, flap, trap, hop, top, drop, stop, mop, step, string, spot, spin, snap
  • tricky words learnt: she, me, we, be, was, to

Maths: Money – recognition of coin, value and adding simple values

  • estimation (guessing then count)
  • 2D shapes : naming, recognition and properties
  • 3D shapes: naming, recognition and properties

Malti: ittri: a, c (bit-tikka), e, u, b, d, p, q, j,g, g (bit-tikka), f,t, n, m, h (taqtalha rasha), r, v

  • gugarelli: robot, bloks, ajruplan, vapur, pupa, ballun, tajra, karozza, ors, vapur, xadina, pupu, tambur
  • fil-klassi:mejda, siggu, lapes, pinna, ktieb, pitazz, bieb, tieqa, ghalliema, tfal, studenti
  • il-Milied:sigra tal-Milied, rigali, bozza, fanal, presepju, pasturi, bambin Gesu’, zokk, suf, gongol, nar, bard, gulbiena, anglu, raghaj, slaten magi, stilla

Religion: Moses, St Martin, The Exodus, The 10 Commandments,, Advent, The annunciation, Holy Mary, We all like Special things, The birth of Jesus

Science: Mixing colours, recycling, magnets, pushing and pulling, day and night, where does light come from

The focus of this topic was to create and use our imagination having as much fun as possible.  I think we all agree that we did that on top of a fantastic performance my Little Elves 🙂

Well done to you all for this term, let’s gear up for the next one. xx



  1. Thank you and well done to you!!!

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