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New blog

Can anyone who knows students who will be in Junior 1 this year please pass on this new blog link?  Tell them that they need to copy it in the address bar since Google search does not find it yet.

Thank you.

Posted by: cyncas | August 31, 2010

Hello from me :-)

Hello my friends.  I hope you have had a wonderful summer.  Don’t worry it is not yet time for school, but we start the countdown.  I will still see you around but this term you will be in Junior 2.  I am sure that over the Summer you have all grown taller, some of you have lost some teeth and are all suntanned and ready for the new year.

I have missed you a lot but thought of you plenty.  Now it is time to say goodbye via this blog.  Ms Rosienne, one of your new teachers has launched your new Jnr 2 blog.  You can find it by typing this link in the address bar:

Enjoy using the new blog and from time to time leave me messages either on ‘our’ blog or else on my new blog: 

Also whenever you see me at school don’t be shy to say hello.  Take care and remember I love you all. xxxxx 🙂

Posted by: cyncas | June 24, 2010

Thank you

This is a very sad time.  Classroom looks empty and drab.  It is the end of the scholastic year 😦  Although everyone is looking forward for the holidays, this goodbye dampens it all.  One last day together – Let’s have fun like only we know how…. 🙂

Thank you all for all your support throughout the year.  Thank you for accepting me and my ideals although at times they differed from yours.  Thank you for being behind me all the way.  It would not have been such a successful year without your collaboration and co-operation.  Thanks a million.

Many thanks go to you as well for my lovely gift.  It is very original and I love it.  Can’t wait to put it on.  You didn’t have to.

Thank you.  Cynthia

Posted by: cyncas | June 23, 2010

Last week of Scholastic year 2009-2010

It’s incredible but true… we are at the very last week of this scholastic year.  It seems like only yesterday when we met in September.  It has been a full year with a lot of learning, fun and interesting items on the agenda.  Everyone has moved off from where they started.  Well done to all the children for their efforts throughout the year.

This last week has been interesting since we had some different activities planned out.

We started off on Monday by presenting a cheque to the Puttinu Cares Foundation.  This cheque was thanks to you who took part in the readathon.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to spend some time of our day outside on the turf.  WE had some fun exercises first to warm up and some games.  Then splitting up in groups, we drew the environment which we saw in front of us.  It is incredible that although we were all looking at the school, the children’s perspecitive were all different.  Great job to all especially those groups who really worked as a team and their work showed. 🙂  At the end, each group presented their picture and explained what they had drawn and why, then we let the drawings go.  It was fun chasing them (it was rather windy).  Once caught we shredded them and recycled them in the bin for paper recycling.

Wednesday saw us off to the Pembroke Swings.  We walked all the way down and a big well done goes to all for following the instructions given on the road.  Lots of fun was enjoyed by all at the playground, either playing or picnicing.

Thursday we have a few more interesting activities planned out for you and then on Friday ….. the end of year party.

More updates on these after Friday.  In the meantime enjoy the photos.

Posted by: cyncas | June 14, 2010

Sports Day

After weeks of preperations, finally the awaited day was here.  The children were very excited to finally put to practice what they had learnt in PE, thanks to Ms Anna.

We started our session on the pitch by some warming up.  The children took heartily to this as it meant they could move around.  In these photos you can see them warming up.  Unfortunaetly during the races there was no time to take photos.  I hope that most of you did.  Everyone enjoyed themselves greatly whether they came first, second or even last.  The important thing in these games is to have fun and do your best. 

Well done to you all for your very best efforts. 🙂

Posted by: cyncas | June 2, 2010

REvision packs

Let me rest your minds about these blessed revision packs.  They are not exams or tests.

I had a lot of parents asking me about them and if the children are going to be assessed on these blessed ‘tests’ as some of you are interpretting them.  Once again they are not TESTS.

The packs are very similar to the packs the children had for Christmas and Easter.  In these packs they have a bit of the most common concepts we tackled this year.  The only difference to our other packs (which we have worked on in class during the year) is that for these packs the children are asked to choose a different page than that as their friends on the same table.  This is my method and this way it rules out anyone copying work from others.  The other difference is that the children try to assess by looking and reading the questions or title, what they need to do.  I am going round continuously and the children are allowed to ask if they do not understand. 

These packs then show us clearly which concepts each child is still struggling with or has problems with.  I will give each and everyone of you the areas where the child is still finding trouble to work unaided.  This does not mean the end of the world and you stress out the child throughout Summer.  This is only to help you to guide your child better.  Once all packs are ready, I intend going round and giving the children other worksheets with the areas where they found problems.  These will be all different as it will be according to that particular child’s hiccup. 

Over Summer you will have another pack (very similar to the ones we are doing – but all in one pack).  You can adapt the same version at home.  Ask the child to choose any page they want to work on and let them try to figure it out on their own.  Then if the child has trouble in this stage you figure it out together, but still let the child work the task out on their own once they understand what needs to be done.  If problems still persist then that is where you will need to sit down and trash the problem out together.  I suggest that you do not do it right at the beginning of hols.  Give the children a break, then from time to time bring it out.  You can even leave some sums for when the holidays are almost over and use it to prepare the child back for school as well as refresh the concepts covered in Jnr 1.

Hope this eases some of your worries, and calms you down.  Your stress will only reflect on the children. 

Thank you for your collaboration.

Posted by: cyncas | June 2, 2010

Sushi and Smoothies

Today saw our last cookery session with Ms Jennifer.  We ended up ‘alla grande’.  Since we had been speaking about International cooking and the children showed so much interest in Sushi, Ms Jennifer kindly accepted to demonstrate how sushis are made.  It involves a lot of slicing and preparation before actually starting.  We saw how to slice the cucumber and avocado in thin slices.  We did the same to ham and prawn sticks.  Ms Jennifer then used a wicker mat and placed a seaweed leaf on it.  Over this she spread sushi rice (which is very stick rice), while wetting her hands.  She then placed cream cheese in the middle of all this, and slowly put some slices of cucumber, avocado and ham or prawn stick.  With the help of the mat, she then started rolling the sushi up, pressing it down as she went.  Once it was all rolled up, Ms Jennifer wet the edges to hold them together.  She then sliced them up to produce rings which looked very decorative.  Most of the children tried them out, even if not everyone liked them especially the seaweed.

We then moved on to preparing for the Smoothies.  First we cleaed the strawberries – washed and pulled the grassy bit.  Then we cut the apples.  In a blender we mixed, apple, banana, strawberries, natural yogurt, honey and milk.  We blended all togeher.  This made a nutritious drink.  Again most of the children tried it out and many of whom asked for seconds. 

Well done to all the children who tasted what we prepared today.  A

lso a big thank you goes to Ms Jennifer who was always ready to accomodate our taste buds and whims.  Thanks so much, it was a pleasure to work with you and learn from you.

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re Readathon

Sorry it took a while, but needed to confirm and get the stuff before putting post on the blog.

First of all thank you and well done for taking part in the readathon.  Together as a grade we collected Euro 250.  Part of this sum went towards Puttinu Cares, the rest was split up between the Junior 1 classes to buy literacy resources for the classroom.  Most probably the children have already told you about the new books that they got – some of which are Maltese readers, others with CDs so they can listen to the story which they are really enjoying.

Well done once more. 🙂

Posted by: cyncas | June 1, 2010

Shorter Days

May I also remind you that as from today week (Tuesday 8th June) we will start on shorter days.  Finishing time will be 11.15.  Extra curricular activities will finish an hour after that (12.15).

Thank you

Posted by: cyncas | June 1, 2010

Re Sports Day

I would like to draw your attention to the following with regards to Sports Day- Friday 11th June.

The children need to wear : a White Tshirt and long trousers (any colour).  The reason for the trousers is that falling on the grass might cause  a lot of grazes which will spoil the children’s fun.  Make sure the trousers are comfortable to run in (not jeans or thick jogging pants).   They also need to come in their running shoes (any colour).  If  hot weather do not forget a cap and put sunblock.

A 1 Euro is being collected to go towards Sports Day expenses.  Please send in an envelop marked Sports Day and your child’s name.

Thank you

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