Show and Tell

Show and tell – Monday 22nd March

Today’s show and tell was mainly on Safety.  We had some interesting activities linking with this topic.  From road safety and how to cross the road, to fire extinguishers, to first aid kits and traffic lights.  We also had a child who told us all about March, someone else who coloured an Easter picture.  We also found out where penguins live – north pole.  Someone else showed us how to make a coaster using Hama beads.  Well done to all of you. 🙂

Show and Tell – Monday 15th March.

Another wonderful show and tell, thanks to you all.  The children all came well prepared to explain themselves on how they did their creation.  We had many diffferent craft activities showing houses from different parts of the world.  Some had 3D models to show this, while others had a chart and pictures.  All children knew what country the house or habitat they were showing us came from, they explained what material they used to achieve their goal, who their helpers were, and the process that they went through to finalize their creation.  Well done once more. 🙂  Scroll down to view today’s photos.

Show and Tell – Monday 8th March.

Sorry for the late entry but needed to wait for everyone who participated to bring their creative work back for photos.  We had some lovely creative stuff during this show and tell.  WE had an explanation about Indian houses and a model of a teepee or wigwam.  Another child made a child of creatures living in the sea and then proceeded to labelling these animals.  We had a crazy elephant straw as well as a mosaic type picture of an elephant.  Another child brought in a whole set of toilet roll animals.  A picture of a camel in the desert was presented on a foam chart.  Two charts representing the woods and the forest made out of different textures – one of which had real leaves.  We also had a Winnie the pooh house and Piglets house made out of recycled materials.  Well done to you all and thank you for bringing back your creative work so I could take your pictures again.  Well done and hope you are working on next week’s show and tell.   Look forward to see what your imagination comes up with….:-)

Show and tell – Monday 22nd February

Today our Show and Tell was dedicated to round up our topic Animals.  The children who took part all enjoyed creating something towards this and also were confident enough to explain what they did and the process.  One child took the hint from our Maltese spelling game and made a book with pictures and wrote beginning letter in Maltese, we had a lion mask, a ladybird, a continuation of the story The snail and the whale,  a mosiac dinosaur, Inky the mouse, and some interesting research on our new topic Homes.  Well done to you all for your great show.

Although it was not the day for Show and Tell we had a child who worked on an activity during the holidays.  She made a picture of a dinosaur called T-Rex and showed us his size compared to that of a child.  It went hand in hand with the book we read today.

Show and Tell – Monday 8th February.

Our show and tell today was based mostly on endangered aimals.  We had 3 children who took part with this topic.  We saw a beautiful butterfly, a story about a kaola bear and a wild animal with its young painted on a rock.  Another child linked what we learnt in sentence building and the months, to write a story about the month of February.  This child also looked up the Forum on this blog and found information about our new sub topic – disosaurs.  Well done to you all. 🙂

Show and Tell – Monday 1st February.

Today we had a lot of creative activities which brught our Wild Animals topic to an end.  Lots of lovely art work – well done.  WE had a feely chart made out of different textured animals, a jungle in a box, a colourful parrot, a butterfly mask, a burrow for a pet rabbit, pictures of animals drawn by hand, the snail and the whale – activity and book, a chart of wild animals.  Well done to you all for your interest and creative activities.:-)

Show and Tell of Monday 25th January.

This week our sub topic for Show and Tell was Farm Animals.  We had some amazing work presented in class today.  Kelly brought in a picture of a pig made out of sweets, Maya made a jellyfish from tiny paper, Emily made a duck nest complete with real eggs – it looked so real we expected a duckling to hatch right in front of our eyes.  Filippa painted a farm and then stuck farm animals, Francesca made a little lamb and wrote a small story about shearing sheep accompanied by a small sheep made out of real sheep wool, Emilie-Marie brought some stickers of animals that she found at home.  Well done to you all for using your imagination to create and link your activity with our sub-topic.  A big clap to you. xxxx

Show and Tell of Monday 11th January.

Today was the first Show and Tell about Animals.  And have the children worked on this???!!!!  You bet they did.  We had some lovely work.

A couple of children remembered what animals they saw during their trips abroad during the Christmas holidays.  Filippa met a squirrel and brought in an activity about this, while Francesca made a chart of some animals she saw in a zoo she visited.  Maya made a snake out of paper chains and some animal magnets, Emily made a cute rabbit which can also go for a finger puppet.  She also brought in a photo of a pet she used to have when she was younger.  Kim looked up some patterns animals have, while Nadege made a tiger mask.  Lili looked up some fruit names in Maltese.  Some children also brought in books which link with animals.  A big well done to you all for these ideas and for the parents who help them work on these activities.

Show and Tell of Monday 9th November.

Today we had the last Show and Tell to do with Growing.  I must say that these children are so creative it is unbelievable.  Well done to all 🙂  Have a look at the photos and you will see for yourselves.

Show and Tell of Monday 26th October.

These children are amazing me with their ideas and immagination.  Today we had plenty to choose from.  From a big body and labeled with body parts, to senses books, a senses bear, a ‘computer’ a growing chart with life cycle of a person and of a tree, some seeds and the story of a seed, as well as some pine cones which were living when on the tree and now are non living since no longer o the tree.  A big well done to all those who participated. 🙂

show and tell 26/10/2009

show and tell 26/10/2009

The enthusiasm for Show and Tell is great.  Well done to all the children who are thinking about what to do especially those who are linking their ART to our present Topic.  A big PRosit to all of you. 🙂

Today for our Show and Tell we had a painted face, a ‘friend’ made out of card and foam – with hand same size as that of creator, we also had a child made stetoscope and a book to explain it all.  Someone else created a book about their plant another child presented us with lots of paintings.  Have a look at the photos to see today’s Show and Tell.



  1. Hi Mrs Cyntia
    Can i get a softtoy of an animal on Monday ?


    • Hi Kelly, For Show and Tell, I prefer that you bring something that you have made. Why don’t you make a copy of your softtoy, use creative material to make it look the same and then you can bring both to show and tell how you did it? Have a good weekend. xxxx

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