What a fantastic trip we had today (Wed. 26th May).  This morning we went off to St James Cavalier, where we were going to take part in an interactive story Telling.  Our Story was called The Rainbow Fish, which was about a fish who was full of shiny, glittering scales.  she did not want to share her scales with anyone and so did not have any friends.  When the octupus adviced her to start sharing her scales, she found out how happy she could be by giving from what she had even if her amount was dwindling down. 

The children had fun listening to the story and participating actively.  We learnt a lot of new words today which we then acted out – whizzed, amazed, proudly, upset, angry, delighted.  After the Story telling session we went off to lunch, in a lovely area of St James Cavalier.

Lunch off, Mr Carlos, came back and we set off to make our own Rainbow Fish.  We coloured, stuck tissue paper and also the silver scales…..  It was fun and enjoyable for all.  Since we had some time to kill, we each said a short story about our fish.  Back at school, everyone drew their favourite part of our outing.

FRiday 12th March, saw the Junior 1s going to Ghammieri.  Although the weather was not ‘behaving itself’, we made our way through the farm watching with pleasure the vaiety of animals available and listening to the information we were given. 

The first animals we met where two three week old calves.  They were so cute.  Amazingly they could already stand on their own feet and eat hay.  We compared them to when we were only 3 weeks old!!!!  Next we visited their mothers.  Here we found out that these cows are on the farm to produce milk – the daily supply that they pasturize and put in cartons for us to be able to drink.  We were even taking to the milking shed and were shown the procedure.  The cows are brought in, and each cow has a designated feeding place.  They are cleaned and then a samle of milk is taken to be checked if it is good or bad.  The cows are then put on to machines which pulls the milk from them.  Each cow has a number on massive ‘earrings’.  This number is coded with the milk which comes out from each cow.  Then the milk travels in tubes to go to a big storage area in another room.  We then moved off to look at some other calves, these ones were a year and a half old.  They were very scared of noise. 

We then went along to look at how they cultivate new trees from tiny seeds.  We were shown two different seeds – one that comes from flowers, the other which comes from trees.  We were also told that some plants are reborn from planting their twigs instead of seeds.  On our way to visit some other animals, we stopped at a water trough and it was explained to us how in the old days people did not have running water in their homes so they needed to go and fetch water from these trough and carry it back home.  Next to the trough we could see an old maltese farmhouse.  We saw how the family used to live on the top floor, while keeping their animals at the lower ground.  Next door to it we saw a water mill and were explained that it still works up to this very day.

Our tour continued with viewing other types of animals – ponies, horses, emus, ostriches, peacocks, sheep, deer, fawn and even oxen.  It was amazing how many animals we came close to.  The most enjoyed must have been the shetland ponies since the children were allowed to feed them.  It was a great enjoyment for both humans and animals. 

We ended up our tour by picnicing in the front porch near the office as it had started to drizzle.  What an appetite everybody had.   We finished it all off by some yummy vanilla yogurt made from cow’s milk.  A lovely experience for all.:-)

Our first outing to Flower Power was a great success.  All children had a lot of fun through using their senses.  We saw lots of different plants – indoor and outdoor, fruit trees, flower bushes, herbs as well as animals.  In the pet shop we could smell the ‘perfume’ of the animals and their food, in the nursery we could please ourselves with the scent of the flowers.  The children then touches compost and a real plant to repot their very own special plant.  have a look at the photos to see their enjoyment. Well done to all Junior 1s for their good behaviour. 🙂



  1. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    Thank you for all the pictures. I had lots of fun at the trip.I just love it! I am taking care of my plant is growing bigger and bigger.
    Bye bye Ms Cynthia have a good time. I miss you.

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