Cookery Experiences

Pudina tal-hobz was on the menu.  All in preparation and to tie up with Lejla Maltija.  It was a messy but fun cookery session which the children loved doing.  We used Maltese bread soaked in water and then squashed down, sugar, mixed peel, cinnamon and ground cloves, cocoa – all mixed up together to make the base of the mixture.  We then added everything up in a giant bowl together with eggs, butter, orange juice and rind of lemon and orange.  A good knead to mix all ingredients together and then tossed it all onto baking trays.  On top we spread dessicated coconuts as well as flaked almonds.  You can imagie the smells emanating from the oven!!!!  You will get your chance to taste it tomorrow during Lejla Maltija, where you can donate toward a slice.  I am sure you will come back for me.  Thanks once again to Ms Jennifer.  Scroll to the bottom to see the photos.

MMMM!! What lovely smells came out from the Home Economics room this morning (11th March).   We had another fantastic cookery session, thanks to Ms Jennifer.  On the menu we had fruit crumble.

We started the session by chopping up fruit – bananas, apples and strawberries.  With these fruit we mixed some demerera sugar and put this mixture into foil cases.  In a seperate bowl, we then mixed flour, demerera sugar, oats and butter.  Here we needed to use the rubbing in method to rub in the butter with the dry ingredients.  Once we managed this, we coated our fruit cases and patted the topping to make a smooth finish.  Off to the oven, while we cleaned up and washed the dirty cutlery and bowls.  To while away the time, the children played a telephone game, where they needed to whisper a word to one another to see if at the end of the game, the same word was uttered.  It was a fun game and mostly enjoyed while waiting for the fruit crumbles to be baked.  The children then all tried them out, some finished their crumble with gusto, some others preffered to take some to mummy and daddy or siblings, some left for break……  I hope those of you who got a sample agree with us what fantastic cooks we have.!!!! 🙂

Scroll down to the bottom to view the photos.

Our first cookery session for this term (28th January).  Today we brought the ingredients to cook Fish Cakes with Ms Jennifer.  there were a lot of steps to go through before we could sample the fish cakes.  First we had to mash the potatoes then add the salmon and onion and a pinch of salt.  Mash all together and then form into patties.  We then had to dip them in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.  Ms Jennifer then shallow fried them in a pan while we spread cheese spread on some sandwiches (which should have been the base for our patties!!!), decorated the plate with cherry tomatoes and cucumber and waited for the patties.  It didn’t take long for them to be done, but most of the children had already demolished their sandwiches, therefore had to eat the fishcakes withut the base.  It was enjoyed nonetheless.  Well done chefs and a big well done to Ms Jennifer as well.  Thank you.  I would suggest you do them at home as well – all the children tried them and most ate the first patty.  Enjoy the photos 🙂

On Thursday26th, the Jnr1C had the opportunity to make some Christmas biscuits.  It was a FUN activity thanks to Ks Jennifer.  The children first needed to roll open the pastry and make sure it was not too thick or too thin.  They then had to cut out Christmas shapes using cutters.  While the biscuits were baking in the oven, the children could play with the remaining dough.  Here the children’s immagination went wild.  We had from snails to snakes to dolls and letters and rings and ……. just have a look at the photos to see for yourselves.

Once the biscuits were baked, the children were given melted chocolate which they had to brush over the biscuits and then decorate with smarties, coconut and sprinkles.  Needless to say most of the biscuits were eaten before we could say FUN.  Well done to all.:-)

Today the Jnr 1C had their first cookery session.  Most of the children came well prepared with the ingredients needed, a bowl to carry any left over home, and some even with a cooking apron and a chef hat!!!  Well done 🙂

It was a very enjoyable experience.  The children were bubbling with excitement and couldn’t wait to start ‘cooking’.  Ms Claire Grech ran the cookery session and the children followed her instructions to knead, roll and push open the dough using their fingers.  They then spread tomato pulp on top and covered it with mozzarella cheese.  On top of this they placed cocktail sausages.  With the help of the teachers, the pizzas were placed in the ovens.  In the meantime, the children cleaned the tables and tehn ‘finished’ off any leftover mozzarella and sausages.  After some minutes (which seemed like an eternity to some children) the pizzas were out of the ovens and the children devoured most of them with relish.  Some thought of others at home and left a sample for their parents. 

A most enjoyable activity for all.  Scroll down to see the excitement.



  1. Hello,
    I agree with you, from what Nadege got left the fruit crumble was delicious!
    Thanks alot Ms.Jennifer. Nadege takes alot on your suggestions as when she helps at cooking time she tells me ”Maya’s mum told me to do it like this”
    Thanks again Ms.Cyntiha for the photos realy enjoyed them.
    Keep it up and looking forward on future cooking experience!
    Dorianne Sammut

  2. Hello Ms. Cynthia,
    A very big thank you for the photos. I realy enjoy watching the children in action. Looking forward for other activities. Keep it up!
    Dorianne Sammut

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