Show and tell 2

Show and Tell – Monday 10th May
The children who presented their work for today’s Show and Tell, seem to have absorbed well our discussion about the digestive system.  Most either used the internet or an encyclopedia to do their research.  Well done, I am very proud of you.
One girl reproduced her own chart of the digestive system and then checked it out with the encyclopedia.  Another girl, looked up information about the stomach.  One other child looked up the various body organs and where they are found in our body.  another child used a box (like in our reader) and transformed it into a computer and showed us the ‘work’ ‘printed’ out of this invention.  She also had some creative activities to show us.  Well done to all for your ideas and your presentations. 🙂
Show and Tell – Monday 19th April.
In today’s Show and Tell, the children showed how much they absorbed the information given with regards to healthy food.  Some did replicas of the Food Pyramid in different versions, some other children checked their mummies’ cupboards and fridge to see what healthy food they have at home.  Another child made a whole lot of salt dough food.  Other children found books that discussed healthy food.  Needless to say the Pope featured in some of the presentations as well.  Another child brought in a scrap book that she compiled during the Easter HOlidays, highlighting all the churches she visited, the statues she saw as well as the blessing of the Figolli on Easter Sunday.  Once again well done to all of you. 🙂
Show and Tell – Monday 12th April.



For today’s show and tell the children had been encouraged to create something during the holidays.  It either showed where they went or something they were interested in doing.  We had some children who brought in pictures or journals of their holidays abroad, some created to their hearts content with no restriction to topic.  WEll done to all of you and especially a big well done for your presentations.  You are getting very good at explaining your creativity.


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