Posted by: cyncas | June 2, 2010

Sushi and Smoothies

Today saw our last cookery session with Ms Jennifer.  We ended up ‘alla grande’.  Since we had been speaking about International cooking and the children showed so much interest in Sushi, Ms Jennifer kindly accepted to demonstrate how sushis are made.  It involves a lot of slicing and preparation before actually starting.  We saw how to slice the cucumber and avocado in thin slices.  We did the same to ham and prawn sticks.  Ms Jennifer then used a wicker mat and placed a seaweed leaf on it.  Over this she spread sushi rice (which is very stick rice), while wetting her hands.  She then placed cream cheese in the middle of all this, and slowly put some slices of cucumber, avocado and ham or prawn stick.  With the help of the mat, she then started rolling the sushi up, pressing it down as she went.  Once it was all rolled up, Ms Jennifer wet the edges to hold them together.  She then sliced them up to produce rings which looked very decorative.  Most of the children tried them out, even if not everyone liked them especially the seaweed.

We then moved on to preparing for the Smoothies.  First we cleaed the strawberries – washed and pulled the grassy bit.  Then we cut the apples.  In a blender we mixed, apple, banana, strawberries, natural yogurt, honey and milk.  We blended all togeher.  This made a nutritious drink.  Again most of the children tried it out and many of whom asked for seconds. 

Well done to all the children who tasted what we prepared today.  A

lso a big thank you goes to Ms Jennifer who was always ready to accomodate our taste buds and whims.  Thanks so much, it was a pleasure to work with you and learn from you.



  1. Thanks to you also Ms Cynthia… I enjoyed each and every session too. Well done to all the students for their work during the cookery sessions and it was a pleasure seeing all of them cooking happily!

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