Posted by: cyncas | June 23, 2010

Last week of Scholastic year 2009-2010

It’s incredible but true… we are at the very last week of this scholastic year.  It seems like only yesterday when we met in September.  It has been a full year with a lot of learning, fun and interesting items on the agenda.  Everyone has moved off from where they started.  Well done to all the children for their efforts throughout the year.

This last week has been interesting since we had some different activities planned out.

We started off on Monday by presenting a cheque to the Puttinu Cares Foundation.  This cheque was thanks to you who took part in the readathon.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to spend some time of our day outside on the turf.  WE had some fun exercises first to warm up and some games.  Then splitting up in groups, we drew the environment which we saw in front of us.  It is incredible that although we were all looking at the school, the children’s perspecitive were all different.  Great job to all especially those groups who really worked as a team and their work showed. 🙂  At the end, each group presented their picture and explained what they had drawn and why, then we let the drawings go.  It was fun chasing them (it was rather windy).  Once caught we shredded them and recycled them in the bin for paper recycling.

Wednesday saw us off to the Pembroke Swings.  We walked all the way down and a big well done goes to all for following the instructions given on the road.  Lots of fun was enjoyed by all at the playground, either playing or picnicing.

Thursday we have a few more interesting activities planned out for you and then on Friday ….. the end of year party.

More updates on these after Friday.  In the meantime enjoy the photos.


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