Posted by: cyncas | June 2, 2010

REvision packs

Let me rest your minds about these blessed revision packs.  They are not exams or tests.

I had a lot of parents asking me about them and if the children are going to be assessed on these blessed ‘tests’ as some of you are interpretting them.  Once again they are not TESTS.

The packs are very similar to the packs the children had for Christmas and Easter.  In these packs they have a bit of the most common concepts we tackled this year.  The only difference to our other packs (which we have worked on in class during the year) is that for these packs the children are asked to choose a different page than that as their friends on the same table.  This is my method and this way it rules out anyone copying work from others.  The other difference is that the children try to assess by looking and reading the questions or title, what they need to do.  I am going round continuously and the children are allowed to ask if they do not understand. 

These packs then show us clearly which concepts each child is still struggling with or has problems with.  I will give each and everyone of you the areas where the child is still finding trouble to work unaided.  This does not mean the end of the world and you stress out the child throughout Summer.  This is only to help you to guide your child better.  Once all packs are ready, I intend going round and giving the children other worksheets with the areas where they found problems.  These will be all different as it will be according to that particular child’s hiccup. 

Over Summer you will have another pack (very similar to the ones we are doing – but all in one pack).  You can adapt the same version at home.  Ask the child to choose any page they want to work on and let them try to figure it out on their own.  Then if the child has trouble in this stage you figure it out together, but still let the child work the task out on their own once they understand what needs to be done.  If problems still persist then that is where you will need to sit down and trash the problem out together.  I suggest that you do not do it right at the beginning of hols.  Give the children a break, then from time to time bring it out.  You can even leave some sums for when the holidays are almost over and use it to prepare the child back for school as well as refresh the concepts covered in Jnr 1.

Hope this eases some of your worries, and calms you down.  Your stress will only reflect on the children. 

Thank you for your collaboration.


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