Forum 20: This weekend is a special day for all Mothers.  I hope you remember what I told you to do for Mummy on Sunday!!  Shhh it’s a secret.  Remember to be extra good and make Mummy’s day Special more than usual. 

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mums.

Forum 19: Our main topic this week was about the Digestive System.  Do you remember what we said about this?  Where does the food go from our mouth?  What is dangerous to do while eating and why?  Can you remember the body parts we mentioned which we use when eating?  Here is a picture to help you. 

Forum 18: To stay in line with our Lejla Maltija, at the end of this week, we will be discussing Maltese Food.  Can you name any Maltese Food?  What is your favourite and why?  Here are a few examples:


Forum 17:  The second part of the forum will be about healthy meals.  In a day we have 3 important meals.  Can yu name them?  Why are they important?  What kind of food can we eat during these meals?  I await your answers.

   b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 l _ _ __

 d _ _ _ _ _

Forum 16: This week we have two forums.  One links with our topic and the other links with something that is happening this weekend.  I will start with this first.

Who will be visiting our Island this weekend?  A very important person is….. He is the Boss of the church (as some of yu said this morning in class), he celebrates his birthday today, he is the St Peter of today…….  Who is he?  What is his name?  I will give you a clue.  Here is his photo. 


Forum 15  With our return for the third term, we launch a new Topic.  FOOD will be our last topic.  What can you tell me about FOOD?  What is your favourite FOOD?  Where do yu enjoy eating the most?  Where do we get our FOOD?  …….   

           These are just some simple ideas.  I would like to know more.


Forum 14:    

All of these remind us of Easter.  It is nice to look at all the new animals being born (it is Spring now), and eat Chocolate eggs (not too many I hope!!).  But we cannot forget why we celebrate Easter.  I will post a picture to help you but I would like you to tell me what is Easter for???? 

Forum 13:  This week we are discussing two areas which involve Homes, so then next week we can dedicate it to Easter.  Our two subtopics are: Safety and Rooms in a house.  Below you will find different pictures you can use for a discussion about Safety.  some pictures show things you SHOULD NOT do as they are NOT safe, other pictures show things we need around the house to help us stay safe.  We also discussed the EMERGENCY NUMBER we need to call if we are at home and an accident happens?  Do you remember what the number is and what you need to do?  Send me a post on the blog….


The other part we are discussing is about the different rooms in a house.  We saw how houses are different one from another but certain things are common in all, such as a bathroom although the fixtures in it might not be the same.  How many rooms does your house has?  Are they all the same size or on the same level?  Which is your favourite room in the house and why???? 

I wait for your replies 🙂   


Forum 12:  This week we moved away from animal homes and started looking at Houses.  We found out that houses around the world are built differently to accomodate the climate.  Some have sloping roofs where it rains or snows a lot, other houses are made out of mud and grass, some are made from red brick and have porches around the house.  The greeks prefer to paint their houses white….. etc….  Here are some pictures for you to remember.  Can you guess where some of these houses come from?  Which is a typical Maltese house?  Which picture shows how the people in Neolitic times lived?  1   2     4     5       6    7      8

Forum 11:  WE had another visitor in our class this week.  Her name is Hazel and she is 15 years old.  She eats peas and sleeps in Winter.  Do you remember who it was?   Yes that’s right!  It was Francesca’s nanna’s tortoise.  We learnt that tortoises live for a very long time….. some even thousands of years.  During Summer, Hazel likes to chase Francesca and nibble on Francesca’s mummy’s toes 🙂   For such a slow and supposedly quiet animal, Hazel makes a lot of noise while trying to ‘escape’ from her box…..

Forum 10: Since we are talking about animal habitats we had an animal visitor in class.  This is Maisy, Maya’s chipmunk.  Maisy was very good throughout the day.  She was attentive during work and playful when it was time to play.

Do you remember what food Maisy ate?  How was her house?  Where did she enjoy playing?  Can you remember anything else about Misy?

Forum 9: THis last week we discussed “Sea and desert habitats”.  Next week it will be the turn of “Woodland and Rainforests”.  What is the difference between a Jungle and a Forest?  Can you look it up and let us know on the blog or in class … maybe you find some pictures of animals that live in one but not the other or the difference between the same animal how lives in both – such a butterfly in a jungle and a butterfly in a forest.  Do you have any stories whose background is a wood, forest, jungle…  Can’t wait for your findings…… 🙂

  This is a wood.

    This is a forest.

 This is a jungle.

 This is a Savannah

Forum 8: This week we saw the end of our Topic ANIMALS.  As of Monday our new Topic is HOMES.  To continue expanding your interest we will start off with some Animal Habitats – from oceans and water to deserts to rainforests and woodland.  We will then move on to looking at our HOMES and things we do at home – recycling, keeping safe, locations of our homes as well as materials used to built houses in Malta and elsewhere.  See if you know who (people) or what animals live in these houses…..


Forum 7: This week I wanted to include another slot in our forum.  As you well know this weekend happens to be carnival.  We all know that this is a Maltese Tradition.  Here are a few pictures to help you think about Carnival. Il-karru

Prinjolata,    Il-Buffu

  Maskra       Kostum

Tell us how you are going to spend your Carnival holidays.  What character are you going to change into?  If you go to Valletta let us know what you see?  Have fun….. and be good. xxxx

Forum 6: Do you know any animals names which end with : ‘saurus’ or ‘ceratops’?  What kind of animals are these?  Yes you are right.  They are Dinosaurs.  In fact this week we will be discussing about the magnificent animals which no longer exist, although we might have some cousin of theirs still living amongs us like the Iguana for example – who is a descendent of the dinasours….  What happened to these animals?  Does anyone know and would like to tell us?  Did they exist in Malta?  Where can we see any remains of these giant animals?  Who can name a few of their names?  Hope this gets you thinking…… I am waiting for your comments.  This link might help you with your discoveries about these magnificent beasts.

Forum 5: Dolphins, whales, tigers, panda bears, elephants, turtles, ladybirds, butterflies…….. These are a few of the species of animals that will soon not be with us if we don’t care about them.   We are causing too much harm to the envirnment or catching these poor animals to make money out of them – they are becoming EXTINCT!!!  This topic is very dear to my heart and I do not tolerate anyone who hinders an animal from living.  That is our sub-topic this week – Endangered Species and Extinction.

Can you let us know what you can do to help in stopping these animals from dying?????

  photo of Killer Whales Endangered  photo of Yellow Eyed Penguin

Forum 4: Africa, Savannah, Jungle, Safari, …..  What do you think of when you say these words?  What do they have to do with animals?  Which animals live here? 

Yes we will be talking about Wild Animals next.  Can you leave your ideas on Wild animals?  Which are Wild Animals?  Where do they belong?  I would love to hear your views.

Forum 3: Old Mc Donald had a farm…..  Did you guess what type of animals we will be discussing this week?  That’s right….. Farm Animals.  Have you ever been on a farm?  If yes what did you see?  Did you enjoy it?  If you have never been, what do you think you would find if you went on a farm?  Write down your thoughts and we can discuss it together.  Here is a picture to help you think.


Forum 2:  During the coming week we will be discussing Pets. 

Here is a photo of one of my pets.  Her name is Tigi short for Tigre’.  She is a persian cat and is 15 years old.  She has had many kittens and now lives with her last litter (2 girl cats, and 1 boy cat).  Do yuo have any pets?  What are they?  If you dont have, what would you like to have and why?


This is a new link for you my dear children.  Every week I will post a word or a picture or a saying on which I would like you to comment.

Our first forum will obviously be about ANIMALS.  Tell me all that you like and love about these beautiful creatures.  I would love to hear from you.  Here’s a picture to help you.



  1. Bongu Ms.Cynthia

    Jiena nhobb niekol il-fenek ghax inhobb inbil il-hobz tal-malti fil-gravy tieghu 🙂

    xxxx Maya

  2. Dear Ms. Cynthia,
    How are you? Hope you are
    enjoying the Easter holidays.
    The meaning of Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead.
    I Love Easter because I get lots of chocolate eggs. miss you.
    from Nadege

    • Hello Nadege, Happy Easter to you. I am so glad you are enjoying your holidays and most of all to think why we have these holidays after all. love you and miss you too…. xxxx

  3. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    Today I got to a web site about mathematics. It is Have a look.
    See you.
    Dorianne Sammut

    • WEll done Nadege, that’s a good site for working with numbers. I will put it on our website2 section. Thank you for sharing. xxxx

  4. Hello Ms. Cyhthia,
    This week I was very happy to have Hazel and Maisy in our classroom. Hazel was vary slow and calm and Maisy is the opposite she was speedy and lively. My favourite pet is Maisy
    because she is so fun and cute. Maisy’s favourite food are nuts.
    I wish I couid have a chipmunk as my pet.
    Bye bye from Nadege xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Ms Cynthia

    Today I looked up for the words jungle and forest. I found that in the jungle the trees and plants grow very close together and therefore it is difficult to go into the jungle. It is also very hot in the jungle, while in the forest we find alot of trees usually they would be very tall.

    Thank you Ms Cynthia xxxxxxx from Maya

    p.s. she started to write the first sentence and a half and I finished the rest 🙂

    • VEry good Maya. Remeber this information so you tell your friends in class as well. Also remember if you come across any pictures of animals that live in the jungle, woods or forest to bring them in by Friday. You can even draw them. xxxxx

  6. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    I have looked up some books. I found out dat a

    forist is a place wer meny trees grouw.

    From Francesca xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • WEll done Francesca. You are becoming a young researcher as well. Remember the info. you found so you tell us all about it in class. Have a lovely day tomorrow. See you on Wednesday. xxxx

  7. Dear Ms Cythia,
    Today I visited the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra temples. Mummy explained to me that these temples were built a long,long time ago. These temples are not built the same as modern houses they are biult with huge igigantic stones. I enjoyed the day exept I got realy tired walking up the hill. Bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    from Nadege

    • Wow Nadege, Those temples are a real treasure for us Maltese. Yes, your mummy is right in saying they were built with very big stones. It was a lot of hard work in those days to build houses and in our eyes not at all comfortable. Did you take any pictures? Maybe you can bring them in and show us. Or else you can use the temples as an idea for your next SHow and tell…..

      • Yes, Ms.Cynthia, I do have pictures and I will bring them to school to show
        my friends. Bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. dear Ms Cynthia, Thank you for the all the pictures that you put on the blog. Like this we can see our kids in action. Whilst the topic is about animals why not take the kids for an outing to the Ghammieri, perhaps a parent and child outing

    thanks claire

    • I agree to your suggestion Claire of the outing and I think it would be an interesting day for our children! I’m sure they would love to see all the animals.

  9. Hello Ms Cynthia,

    I went to Valletta to see Carnival. There were hundreds of people. I really liked the girls dressed in Spanish cosumes. I was a ladybird and my cousin Kristina was Cinderella. We saw alot of people and children in different and colourful costumes. I really liked the huge floats. There were even Dora and friends grotesque masks. Kristina and I had some photoes taken on one of the floats. I really liked the traditional Prinjolata and Perlini sweets.

    Good night


  10. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    I looked in the web site you gave us and discovered lots of interesting information about dinosaurs. I found out that fossils of dinosaurs where found in China, Australia and America.
    There is two kinds of dinosaurs, those who are
    plant-eaters and those who are meat-eaters.
    I enjoyed looking all the different shapes and
    From Nadege xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Well done Nadege, You have become a little researcher…. someone who obtains information and learns from it. Keep up the good work. See you tomorrow xxxx

  11. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    The sub topic about endangered animals is vey interesting. I looked up some of my books and found pictures of animals that are already extinct and of others that are becoming very few.

    Missed you today. Hope Gaia is better, gnite


    • Dear Francesca,
      Unfortunately yes, if you look in certain books you will find pictures of animals which are already not with us. In a few years time, some of the animals we now know will be part of that collection 😦 REmember that the best way to take care of the animals in our surroundings is to keep the world around us clean and take care on how to use paper and furniture… as these are made from trees which are houses for some of these animals.

  12. Dear Ms.Cynthia,
    We must do something for these poor animals. We
    must not buy fur coats as the fur comes from endangered species.We must not throw garbage, toxic or poisonous things in our surroundings so the animals will not extint.
    Bye bye from Nadege

    • Well done Nadege, Yes we definately need to do our share to protect these animals and you gave very good examples. Always love animals and keep the environment around you as clean as possible. xxxx

  13. Dear Ms Cynthia, I do have pets. My pets are fish. I would like to have a dog but mummy says I need to grow older to be able to have one so I will be able to take care of it myself. Goodnight and hope to see you tomorrow. Emilyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hello Emily, I’m glad you told us about your pets. Fish make good pets though might be a bit tricky to keep. I agree with your mum about the dog. You need to be very responsible to own a dog as it needs daily exercise, daily food and water and daily loving care. A pet is not a soft toy which you play with every now and then. So listen to your mum and when you get a bit older…… and wiser……. you can then choose a dog that suits your life style. In the meantime take care of your fish. xxx

  14. hello Ms Csnthia I Love all of the animals and my
    favourite animal is rabbits. My friend Michelle has
    three rabbits, one is black and two are white. I
    like to play with them and give them some
    carrots which they like.
    Bye bye
    from Nadege

    • Yes Nadege, rabbits are very cute and they can make very good pets. Most of all they love munching on carrots. Make sure you take good care of your friend’s rabbits when you visit them. Ok!!

      • Yes I will.

  15. hello Ms. Cynthia I am so happy that you are back to
    school. bye bye

  16. hello Ms.Cynthia
    I missed you at school today. I hope that you will be better bye bye
    from nadege

    • Hello Nadege, Thank you for sending me your heartfelt message. I missed you plenty too, but my Gaia was very sick and I even had to take her to hospital. We were both very sick during the holidays with colds but Gaia’s ears got badly affected and she is still suffering. But tomorrow I am hoping to be with you while her daddy takes her of her. I am hoping that the new medicine she is on will help her. Hope all of you were good to Ms Josette. xxxx

      • dear Ms.Cynthia,
        We are very sorry for Gaia, wish she will be better soon. She will be in our prayers.
        Good night
        from nadege

      • Thank you Nadege, that’s very kind of you and Jesus always listens to little children’s prayers. xxx

  17. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    During my holidays I’ve visited a zoo in Italy. I’ve seen many animals…polar bears, a rhinoceras, hippopotamus,giraffes, elephants, zebras, ostriches, flamingos, snakes, crocodiles, a lion and lioness, a tiger, leopards, a porcupine,badgers, peacocks, goats, cows, kangaroos and a monkey. I even saw a GIANT tortoise, a sea lion and some wolves. It was a wonderful experience. I even saw horses, llamas and an elephant at the circus of Pisa.

    Out of all the animals I’ve seen I liked the lion and lioness best. The hippos made me laugh when they splashed in the water.

    I was also very lucky to be able to visit some stables where I could see horses. These horses draw carriages and belong to Gian Battista, one of papa’s friends.

    I missed you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Dear Francesca,
      I missed you all as well but we ll soon be back together again for more fun activities.
      You were very busy visiting all these animals. I hope you remember how they looked and maybe have some photos to show us. We have a lot of animal activities planned so keep their photos handy. Yes I agree with you there is something about a lion and his lioness than no other animal beats.
      See you Thursday 🙂

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