Posted by: cyncas | May 31, 2010

Our last Show and Tell

Today’s show and tell was left to the children to decide what they wanted to prepare.  We had a variety of items.  Some preffered to do some crafts, or write a story, while others stayed on our last topic.  We even had a grandpa who contributed to our last show and tell and sent us some bulbs and roots which he discovered in his garden.

I would like to tell all the children who took part in any of our Show and Tell, well done for your efforts in creating and presenting your activities.  It was a pleasure.  Keep your creativity flowing even during the Summer months.



  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    Francesca and I would really like to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to take part in Show and Tell. I am joining Francesca to thank you as Show and Tell has helped us both find alot of special time to spend together, discuss, laugh, create and sometimes even argue. Show and Tell not only helped Francesca take interest in the topic being discussed at school but was also a means of understanding better through research and creativity. I used to feel really happy to see the enthusiastic look on her face when she used to come up with an idea of what to do for her next Show and Tell. Thank you xxx
    Francesca and Jackie

    • Mrs Mifsud Cremona,
      You couldn’t have put it better. This is the real meaning behind our Show and Tells. Every week I could see the children getting more interested in whatever topic we were discussing and absorbing information to then transfer them to their own creative ideas. Well done and thank you for making it such a success. xxx

      • Dear Ms.Cynthia,
        I do agree with Jackie about show and tell. When ever Nadege prepared something for show and tell she used to be more ecxited for Monday to come. Me and Nadege would like to thank you too. We will miss you alot xxx.
        Dorianne Sammut

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