Posted by: cyncas | May 27, 2010

An Interesting Day

What an interesting day we had today.

In the morning Junior 1s and PreJuniors all gathered near the office and in a procession we went round Flutterby.  While in procession we sang hymns to Our Lady.  We then gathered in front of the statue of Our Lady, where we crowned Our Lady our queen.  While one by one, we put our flowers or candles in front of Her, we continued singing some more hymns as well as reciting the Hail Mary. 

WE then proceeded to Our Lady of Lourdes where we said personal prayers, sang some hymns and said some more Hail Mary’s. 

Later on in the day, we had a special visit by the archbishop.  He found us busy and sticky making pancakes and donuts.  The children and myself were awed with his presence and only a few children managed to ask him a few questions.  We then all posed for a picture with his excellancy.

Between the crowning of Our Lady and the visit by the archbishop, we were very busy with our cookery sessions.  First we looked at the jumbled up ingredients.  Then we wrote the ingredients for each recipe on the board and then reading through these we managed to sort out the ingredients for each recipe.  We also looked at the tools and equipment needed for each type of food we were going to make.

WE started off making Lemonade.  First we squeezed 6 lemons, which we added to a jug full of water (approx 1.5lt).  In the same jug we put in 4 spoons of sugar and stirred to dissolve.  We let the Lemonade stand until we worked on our pancakes and donuts.  Ideally add ice cubes or refrigerate.

To make the pancakes we saw that the basic recipe gives us for each egg we put in 2 spoons sugar and 2 spoons flour.  Since we double the amount of eggs, we had to calculate how many spoons of sugar and spoons of flour were needed.  We added some milk to make it liquidy and so able to shake.  This part was mostly enjoyed.  The donut batter was on the same recipe but we added another 2 spoons of flour, plus some baking powder and some vanilla essence.  Once all the mixture was well mixed up, we moved closer to our machines. 

We poured some mixture in the sandwich toaster to make pancakes and some of the donut batter in the donut machine.  Soon the smell was breathtaking.  After a few batches were made we moved to other tables to decorate.  The pancakes were spread with Nutella or peanut butter and rolled up.  The donuts were covered in Nutella and sprinkles or icing sugar dust.   Some had a mega donut with all decorations possible.  We washed everything down with the lemonade we had prepared earlier on.

It was a fun activity for everyone except the people out of class who had to be content with the smell!!!!  Well done everyone for another successful day. 🙂



  1. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    I would like to thank you for this delightful day. Nadege realy enjoyed it, espacially she loved eating pan cakes spread with chocolate yummy!!
    Thanks once again,
    Dorianne Sammut

  2. Great pictures Ms Cynthia! 🙂

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