Posted by: cyncas | May 21, 2010

International cuisine :-)

Since our sub topic this week was FOOD – a journey around the world, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare some easy plates from different countries.  It had to be something which did not need heating up or oven.  So the choice was a bit limited.

We started off with Italian Antipasto – pomodoro e mozzarella.  Some children were a bit iffy about the tomatoes, others tried them and ate them up with gusto.

Our second plate was from Malta – Ħobż biż-żejt.  Some children opted to spread the bread with tomatoes and olive oil while others preffered the kunserva and oil.  We also had black olives to go.  Unfortunatley whoever had to bring in the tuna and the capers did not come so we ended without.  The children were all encouraged to eat at least some of the crust which is very good for our teeth.

We then went off to the USA and made PeanutButter swirls.  Here we used the sliced bread and after taking the crust, we flattened the slice of bread.  We then spread peanut butter and swirled them up to look like sausage rolls.  We stuck them onto a kebab stick.  This plate was declared to be one of the best by many.  One child even said: ‘This is the best meal I have ever had!!!!’ 🙂

We then ended off with desert from the land of the British.  What obvious choice but strawberries and cream.  With the cream we added some vanilla yogurt.  The government supply for today, was melon, so we used that with the strawberries.  This was considered scrumptious by all as you can see from some of the faces.

Well done to you all as you all tried the different plates prepared even if you thought you did not like the ingredients.  Now try and do them at home.



  1. Francesca really enjoyed the activity and was telling us how she enjoyed the tomatoes and mozzarella, hobz biz-zejt etc… It’s so nice to see the children at work and enjoying themselves! Thank you.

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