Posted by: cyncas | May 14, 2010

Teeth brushing and dental care

As part of our topic this week we spoke about Dental Care.  We looked up a picture of a tooth and saw how it is formed.  We also saw how important it is to brush our teeth regularly, especially after eating certain food and also the importance of brushing our teeth properly.

After looking at all this, we set off on a Brushing Teeth adventure.  Everyone had to brush their teeth focusing on using the proper technique – from the gums out.  This way we push the germs away.  While one group was ‘clearing’ the germs from their teeth, the rest of the class where working on sorting out different types of food and drink which are either good or bad for our teeth.  Everyone learned a lot of information during these two activities.

Remember children it is very important to brush your teeth everyday, using a good toothbrush and an ideal toothpaste especially for children.



  1. Well done again for a very interesting activity. Francesca has enjoyed herself a real lot and was very excited when she came back from school today. Keep up the good work xx

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