Posted by: cyncas | May 14, 2010

Spelling game for this week

Maltese new words for Spelling game are:

flokk, dublett, qmis, qalziet, żarbun

Jien nilbes xorz.


Please note that next week the English Spelling Game will be held on Friday since some children won’t be in class due to Prize Day rehearsals.

The words for this week are:

crab, pram, trap, grab, crust, fret

There is a troll on the grid.

was, like



  1. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    Regards english dictation I have searched the word ‘troll’ and the meaning it gave me was ‘an ugly giant or dwarf’. I see that there is no connection with the whole sentence ‘There is a troll on the grid. Can you please explain?
    Thanks and regards,
    Dorianne Sammut

    • Mrs Sammut,
      Yes you are right about the meaning of troll. The sentence is just a funny one that we made up using blends. ‘tr’ in troll and ‘gr’ in grid. It does not really have to make sense and it helps the children to ‘remember’ the sentence because of the humour in it. Just like the one last time when we had ‘the wishing shark’…. it was just a funny sentence that we made up. For them it is a word that they met in stories and a grid is something that can be found on bridges (the metal part forming the bridge), so in a way they do link together. Children of this age especially love to explore new words – it makes it more interesting.
      HOpe this explains it a bit. If you have other queries dont hesitate to ask.

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