Posted by: cyncas | May 10, 2010

English concepts for revision

Please find a briefing on concepts tackled during our English sessions.  You can use all kinds of games to reinforce these concepts.  A lot of interactive games are also found in the section Website and Website 2.  Hope it is of help while doing revision.  In the coming days, I will post concepts for Math and Malti.

Alphabet awareness: 1. Recognition, sound and formation of letters

                                            2.Capital/small letters.

                                            3.  Alphabetical order (letters only)

                                            4. Alphabetical order (words)

                                            5. Blends (clusters)- at the beginning

                                                                                    – at the end

                                           6. Special sounds – sh, ch, th

Vowels: 1. Short vowel (single vowel – a, e, i, o, u)

                    2. Long vowel (double vowel – ai, oa, ee, ie, oo)

                    3. Pattern words (same vowel in the middle)

  Words: 1. Same beginning letter

                   2. Same ending letters

                  3. Three letter words (regular – sound used for spelling)

                  4. Letter words (regular- sound used for spelling)

                  5. Tricky words (need to be memorized or use name of


                  6. Rhyming words (same ending sound)

Sentences:  1. Rules for sentences – start with capital letter,

                                                                            space between words,

                                                                           finish with a full stop.

                             2.  Use of interesting words learnt

Reading: 1. Read words tackled in spelling game,

                       2. Read and understand comprehension passages.

                      3. Read and understand Phonics red readers and yellow



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