Posted by: cyncas | May 7, 2010

Math concept – shopping and change

Another concept covered this week in Math was shopping and change.

For Shopping we saw that when we buy more than one item, we need to add their price together to find out how much money we need.  Our answer is ALWAYS ‘c’ (cents).

After shopping, we started checking out what money we had in our purse to see if we had enough to buy.  Here we said that the money in our purse needs to be more (bigger number) than what I need to spend.  When we had more than one coin in our purse we needed to add (make a +) to see how much in all. Ex. 10c+5c=15c

We then moved on to getting change.  Here first we started with getting change from 10c – so we could do a normal take away.  Ex: 10c-8c=2c (10 on my finger, close off 8 remains 2).  when our money was more that 10c, we found out that it was easier if we started from the small number (what we spent) and counted up to the big number (what money I had).  Ex: I bought an apple for 4c and a pear for 8c.  In my purse I had a coin of 20c.  First I do 4c+8c=12c (8 in my mind, 4 on my fingers),

then 20c-12c=8c (start on 12 count up on your fingers till you reach 20 – you will have 8 fingers opened).

The children enjoyed this activity when we pretended we were out buying things for Mother’s Day.  It is something that you can do orally not only in a written form.


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