Posted by: cyncas | April 29, 2010

Preparing for Lejla Maltija

A quick glimpse at what the children have been preparing for our most awaited Lejla Maltija.  Lots of excitement and enthusiasm opened this week to highlight the various activities we had in preparation for this night.  Hope we tempt you to come and see us.  The children have prepared a lovely work of art for you to purchase against a donation.  Also worked hard on an unbelievable good Pudina tal-hobz. Yummy!!!!  See article on ‘cookery activities’. 

Another item that the children enjoyed doing and also learnt a lot in the process was some Maltese food made out of salt dough.  They are very tempting and we had people who really thought they are real – especially the kannoli and qassatat. 

Well done to all ‘my’ children for all your hard work. 🙂



  1. Hi Ms Cynthia,

    Lots of hard work it seems! Fran really enjoyed herself this week and is very excited to show off all your team’s work tomorrow!

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