Posted by: cyncas | April 29, 2010

Math concept: splitting number for addition

This concept is a new concept used in the new methodology of Math.  In our grade we start with small numbers but it is good practice for higher grades.  Basically when you have a sum to help you come up to the answer, you split one of the numbers up to make it easier to work.  Example: 3+4=    3+2+2=  3+3_1+  All these calculations give you the same answer.  This is used when later on the children will have bigger numbers, example 10+25=.  Here the children can split the 10 into 5+5 and the 25 into 20+5 or 10+10+5.  That way they can work it out using the multiples of 5 and multiples of 10 and gives them a quicker answer.  Use the easy example for the time being to help the children understand the concept better especially since for them 3+2= is different from 2+3= until they find out that the answer is the same.


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