Posted by: cyncas | April 26, 2010

Show and tell Monday 26th April

“I have to put today’s Show and tell here as the blog is not letting me post it to the page for Show and Tells.”

First of all I would like to thank those children who participated in today’s show and tell and for presenting work which links with our island Malta, as I asked you to do in class.

We had some wonderful surprises today.  Once child presented a dish filled up with Maltese desserts.  We had from different qaghaq to figolla to helwa tat-tork and qubbajt.  It was mouth watering.  Another child found pictures of different maltese food andand presented them around the map of Malta.  One other child, prepared a recipe book with Maltese cooking.  Here we had ‘brodu bl-istilel’, ‘fenek moqli’, and ‘kannoli tal-irkotta’.  WE also had a big fruit bowl painted by another child as well as some other pictures of Maltese food.  Well done to all.  This week your creativity will be on display alongside the creative activity we create in class.


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