Posted by: cyncas | April 21, 2010

Maths concepts

This week, in our Math sessions we are building up on concepts already tackled.

The first concept is working with 3D shapes.  We are looking at their properties – which shape has curves, straight lines, straigth and curved.. We are also using 3D shapes to build patterns.  Today working in groups we built towers and then recorded on our books.  It was an enjoyable exercise.

The second concept deals with time.  After refreshing our minds with the o’clock and half past, we are working problem sums looking at an hour before, an hour later and half an hour before and half an hour later.  We are using this trick to help us facilitate this concept:  When the question asks us to move a whole hour, we leave the big hand in place and move the small hand up (later) or down (before) to the next numbers according to what we were asked.  EX: the time is 8 o’clock, what is 3 hours after that?  We show 8 o’clock on the clock then move up 3 numbers to come to 11.  Our answer is 11 o’clock.  We use the same trick when the clock shows us half an hour and asks us to move up or down whole hours. EX: the time is half past 8, what time is it 4 hours later?  We mark half past 8 on the clock then move the small hand 4 numbers up leaving the big hand pointing to the 6.  Our answer will be half past 12.  When the question proposes we move half an hour , we need to move half way up or down the clock.  Since we are working with o’clock and half past only, we have said that when the clock shows up the whole hour (8 o’clock) and asks us to move half an hour, then we just move the big hand half way up the clock to go to half past 8.  If the clock was already on half past (8.30), we move the big hand to go up to the 12 but since it moved us to the next hour we have to move the small hand as well to the next number. 

This is not an easy concept, so I suggest you practise some funny stories using the whole hour and the half past to help the children with it.  You can use a story of waking up, having breakfast, leaving for school, lunch etc…… use whole hours or half hours.


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