Posted by: cyncas | April 21, 2010

Lejla Maltija

As you all know, on Friday 30th we will be getting together to celebrate Lejla Maltija.  During all of next week, we will be discussing things that deal with Malta most especially FOOD.  With this in mind it would be interesting if for Monday’s (26th), Show and Tell would be on Malta as well.

I also encourage you to bring in any pictures you might have showing different Maltese food.

On the night (30th), we will have the first half an hour or so (6.30pm – 7.00) to work out on a creative activity in class.  There will also be items (made by your children), in class for you to purchase against a donation.  After that you will be invited to tour the school, to view other classes displays and then we all meet outside for entertainment and the rest of the show.  It was suggested to make the evening more interesting, if the children (and why not any adults who would like), come dressed in a Maltese costume.  It is very simple.  Girls- long skirt, apron and a scarf around their head or shoulders, Boys – trousers, waistcoat over a shirt and a coloured scarf around their waist.  Unless you want to go to the elaborate costume……  It will be fun if we are all dressed traditionally to keep with the theme of the night.

   Viva Malta u l-Maltin!!!


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