Posted by: cyncas | April 13, 2010

Mind mapping

To kick off our new topic – FOOD, we started off with some Mind Mapping.  This was a new venture for the students, but one they really enjoyed.  We started off with the title, then each student said what came first in mind when hearing the word Food.  Needless to say a lot of children thought of their favourite food first.  Others moved further off and thought where we could find found or which animals give us food.  Some even explored what we need to eat food and which room and furniture in the house has food.  ‘

Once everybody had their say, we grouped our ideas and came up with subtitles such as: who gives us food? Where do we find food?  Who needs food?  what is my favourite food?  Etc…..  THis idea shows what the whole group knows already about FOOD.  Now from here we explore what we know and move onwards to gain new knowledge.  The children were so interested in this, they wanted to do their own version of mind mapping. 



  1. Thank you for the explanation. Very interesting! (Fran was explaining but I couldn’t understand her).



  2. Great ideas ! Thank You !

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