Posted by: cyncas | April 5, 2010

Maya’s Holidays

Maya wanted to share these pictures with us.  During HOly Week, Maya visited some places in Zebbug which had Good Friday statues and semolina plates on display.  She also saw how they decorate one special area in church where they display the holy host.  This is called the ‘Sepulkru’.  Thank you so much Maya for sharing with us.

This is what Maya wrote:  Img 9275 and 9276 are creative hand made pictures/writings with coloured semolina, salt or rice.  Img 9277 and 9278 are miniature statues of Good Friday Procession, Img 9279 are costumes used for the Good Friday Procession and Img 9280 is the side altar of Zebbug Parish Church (is-sepolkru).  You can see which is best to post on the blog.  All the pics where taken at the 12th May Band Club in Zebbug except for the one of  the “sepolkru”.


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