Posted by: cyncas | March 31, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows

On the last day, we all celebrated the feast of our Lady of Sorrows.  In class we recalled the story of our Lady and why we dedicated this day to her sorrows.

When it was time for us to start our procession, the children all lined up respectfully with their flowers or candles.  When we got in front of the picture of our Lady, we gathered together with the other Junior 1 classes and together said prayers to our Lady.  Mrs Midolo told us a story about how a little girl offered some gifts to our Lady earlier in the morning and how that made our Lady so happy. 

It was then our turn to offer our gifts of flowers or candle.  Each child put theirs in front of the picture and then kneeled down and blew a kiss.  We ended our session with three Hail Mary’s.

Our Lady please keep us always under your loving grace. xxx


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