Posted by: cyncas | March 17, 2010

‘New Students’ in class

Today, saw the Junior 1C class bursting at the seams with students.  Our Parental Involvement for this month was in the form of ‘a student for a day’.  The parents together with their children participated in a literacy activity as well as a numerical one.

For literacy each group needed to build words using their letter cards.  They were encouraged to use both the short vowels as well as the long vowels.  The children came up with a lot of different words.  The next step was to use some of the words they had created and adding to them some tricky words, they were encouraged to write a sentence.  Once again here the sentences produced were brilliant.  The third step in the literacy activity involved a short discussion on ‘Safety’.  Each group was given a picture with things that ‘disobeyed’ the safety rule.  Here a discussion was raised between the different groups according to the things that they could notice on their picture.  From here each child fed his/her immagination to write a sentence about Safety.  Once the sentence was written, they enjoyed drawing what the sentence meant. 

On to the numerical activity.  First the children had to build a ‘chart’ with their numbers.  The chart included numbers from 0 to 50.  We then used this chart to jump in 2’s, in 5’s and in 10’s.  Here we remembered that in the game of 2’s, the numbers ended with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0.  In the game of 5’s, the numbers end in either 5 or 0.  In the game of 10’s all numbers end in 0.  They then recorded this on a caterpillar sheet. 

We then moved on to the ‘lunchbox game’.  Here we saw 2 different sums.  The first lot all had addition.  There were sums where we needed to find the first number or the second number.  An explanation of our game:  When working with +, the first two numbers are what mummy needs to pack for us to make the last number (which is the amount of food we need).  Therefore if for example we have: __ +3=9, we use 9 fingers or props, we remoe 3 from the 9 and what is left is our answer.  Another way to do this sum is by counting up from 3 till we reach 9.  The question mark comes when the sum has a – (minus).  Here the first number is what mummy packed for us, the middle number is what we ate and the last number is what we left in the lunch box.  Here the children are reminded that for a minus sum, the biggest number is at the front!!!  An example of this is:  8 – ___ = 6,  this sum is not as difficult.  What we do is from 8 we remove the 6 and what is left is the answer.  The tricky part comes when we have to find the first number.  Example: __ – 3=4.  Here we need to remember that the first number is the biggest, and to get a big number we make a plus.  If we think back to the lunchbox and what we said at the beginning that: the 3 represents what I ate and the 4 is what I left in the lunchbox.  If I had to add them up together, I would know what mummy packed for me in the beginning.

This is just an invented game, but through something simple like that the children can remember what they need to do with the different types of sums.

All enjoyed themselves and everybody learnt that extra bit more.  The children felt really proud showing ‘the new students’ how we work in class and ‘the new students’ got to grips we our methods and how we go about teaching difficult concepts through games and imaginative stories.  Well done to all for a super day. 🙂



  1. thank you vey much for today Ms Cynthia i really enjoyed it:)


  2. Thank you for a great day and the opportunity to see our children at work and understand how they are learning new concepts. I think it was very useful for us parents aswell. Well done for the great organisation and fantastic work!

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