Posted by: cyncas | March 11, 2010

Pirates’ Game

From time to time,  I try and give the children some movement games.  This week since we are discussing homes, we looked at Pirates’ homes and find out that they spend most of their lives on a ship.  We then discussed what pirates do on their floating home.  Apart from keeping watch out to spot land or other pirates, they also dig for treasure and on top of it all need to keep a clean ship.  WE had a fun game where the children were given instructions which they needed to ‘obey’ otherwise they were made to walk the plank.  The instructions were ‘scrub the deck’, ‘climb the ropes’, ‘lookout’, ‘starboard’, ‘prow’, ‘row the boat’ and ‘submarine’.  It was fun while learning to listen and follow instructions.  The last person to walk the plank was declared the new captain and it was his/her turn to give out the orders…….  Try playing this game out during a party or if you are all gathered together as one big family and see what fun it is to try and keep up to the ‘captain’s’ orders!!!!


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