Posted by: cyncas | March 9, 2010

Tuesday and Friday H/W

You might have noticed that on Tuesday and Friday we have started giving out 3 pieces of H/W.  This is so that we can also include Maltese H/W.  This way at least twice a week, the children will have a piece of H/W from the 3 major core subjects.  On Tuesday you can opt from either doing all the H/W then and send it all in on the Wednesday and still have Wednesday as no H/W day, or else opt out to do one of the H/Ws on the Wednesday.  If you opt for the latter option, and you choose something that you need to work on a workbook, make sure you send it in on the Wednesday (yes even if you did not do it) and I will send it back with the child.  This is just in case we will need to use the workbook in class on Wednesday.

Also remember that it is important to read everyday.  It is ideal to do a ‘reading’ session of 10 minutes each day of both Maltese and English reading.  This should not be done at bedtime as by then the children are too tired to absorb what they are reading.  The more frequent they read, the more fluent they become.


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