Posted by: cyncas | March 6, 2010

Jungle / woods or forest?

This week we were exploring the differenciation between these 3 animal habitats.  We found out that the jungle is a very wet and humid place, therefore the plants grow very big and the trees grow very close together.  In the forest the air is drier and the trees are spaced out in between.  Meanwhile the trees in the woods are more sparse and the ground is full of dry nettles or leaves.  Some similar animals live in the three of them but these animals are of different species though they might look the same. 

We had fun creating these three habitats with different textures.  We then sorted through the animals that a lot of the children brought in and stuck them in their right habitat.  Well done to all of those children who looked up the difference between these habitats and also for finding the animals. 🙂


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