Posted by: cyncas | March 4, 2010

Addition with money

During our Maths session, this week we are working with money.  We started by refreshing our minds as to what the values of each coin was, then started adding small values and then small values added to the 10c coin.  When we had a sum where the coins to add had a coin of the value of 10c and then other coins with smaller value, we started by counting the coins with the value of 10 first using the ‘jumping in 10’s game’ we played a few weeks ago.  Once we had counted all coins to the value of 10 we then continued adding up the smaller values till we used all coins we had in our ‘paper purse’.  We had a similar exercise by counting how much money we had in treasure chests.  Here we started by ‘putting’ the big value in our brain and the small value on our fingers and do a normal adding up from the number in my brain.  When both numbers were big (over 10), we put the biggest of the two in our brain, take 10 from the second number and put that on our finger and then use object to count up the rest.  Example: 12c+11c= (we put 12 in our brain, used 10 fingers and need 1 object to make 11).

Once we all managed to do a normal addition with coins, we then went shopping.  On our sheet we had some objects that we could buy and each object had the price marked.  We needed to check how much each object cost and then add them up together like we had done previously.  It was a lot of fun learning especially since we could use real coins to check the values 🙂


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