Posted by: cyncas | March 4, 2010

A picture to build a sentence

Another concept we are tackling at the moment during our English sessions, is building sentences.  Today we worked on a picture.  This gave us ideas as to what sentence we could write to explain the picture.  As a group, first we formed up the sentence using cards, then wrote it on our books – remembering the important points when writing sentences:

  • First letter is a capital (mummy) letter.
  • Leave spaces between each word (not too much but not squashed).
  • Finish with a full stop.

It was so much fun, the children wanted to do more of this exercise.  You can always try it out at home.  Look up a picture, even something you have on the kitchen table or in the living room.  Think how you can describe that object, write the different words on flashcards, sort them out to make a sensible sentence then write them down. 

If you want you can even send some of your own sentences here on the blog……



  1. Dear all,

    I am so so proud of all the things you are managing to learn and of how committed you are to following Ms. Cynthia as she finds engaging ways to teach you!! Keep it up kids and keep it up Ms. Cynthia!

    Sue Mifsud Midolo

  2. Great pictures! Thank you, it’s so wonderful to be able to see our kids at work when we are not around!

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