Posted by: cyncas | February 26, 2010

More on story sums

As explained previously, for story sums one needs to listen or read well the little story provided.  This helps a lot in understanding what we need to do with the sum (at this stage + or -).  To work more of these sums we had to look at flowers and pots and look at what was missing and the sign to help us understand what we needed to do.  Using buttons we could find our answers.

Example: 4+ __ = 7 (I get 4 buttons out, then I continue counting up buttons till I arrive to 7 (put this buttons a bit on the side), now add how many more buttons you got out to make 7 in all)

___+3= 9 (same procedure as above but keep going till 9 and the answer needs to be written on the front)

2+6= __ (this is the easy one – get out 2 buttons, get out 6 buttons add them together to find the answer)

We then had to look at some bees and find out where they were on the flowers (number line).  This number was what we were to start our sum with.  Then we had to read what we needed to do (move __ more or move __ less), this part was very important as it told us if the sum was a + or a – as well as how many to add or deduct.  From here we had to jump our bee up or down the number line according to what the sum requested.

Example:  Bee on number 5, sum asked move 3 more, therefore the sum needs to be written: 5+3= (start on 5 jump 3 up end on 8 – 8 is the answer).  Or Bee on number 6, sum asked move 2 less, the sum is 6-2= (start on 6 jump down 2 land on 4 – 4 is the answer.)

Practice more on these at home and mix up + and – pretending the bee is flying up and then flying down the line.  Look at page 61 on the Maths book 1A.  As it was all mixed up a lot of the children found it difficult and we had to repeat the exercise on white boards without the complication of the number line or reading themselves.


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