Posted by: cyncas | February 14, 2010

Carnival Fun Day

All children enjoyed our Carnival Fun Day.  Apart from parading in our costumes and saying what character we were for the day, we took part in creating our own carnival mask with different media.  We all modelled in our masks once they were finished.  Another interesting activity was creating Carnival fun food.  First we started off preparing a Tuna Dip.  The children mashed cheese spread together with tuna, then added cream, some ketchup and some salad cream and stirred everything together.  It was really yummy dipping crackers and veggies in this dip.  Then we prepared some fantasy bread.  The slices were cut with cookie cutters, spread with jam or cheese spread then decorated with crushed nuts, or smarties or hundred and thousands.  It was very colourful and yummy to taste as well.  We ended our session with making sausage and marshmallow kebabs heated over candles.  We then went off for some dancing and games to finish off a perfect day.  Happy Carnival to you all and enjoy your holidays. xxxxx


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