Posted by: cyncas | February 11, 2010

Spelling game in Maltese

As from this week we are preparing the children to start their spelling games in Maltese.  In our first session we will look at the tricky letters in this language.   These are:

ċ, g, ġ, għ,h, ħ, i, ie,z, z(bit-tikka)

For this first session the children need to learn the difference between the sounds of each letter especially the ones who have a dot or not or when to cut the ‘head’ of the h or is it ‘akka’?  They have been asked to find a picture for each letter sound.  Use these pictures to help the children remember the different sounds.  Use Ktieb tal-ittri as reference and the children can look up each letter at a time and include the other vocabulary as well.  For this coming week our Maltese spelling game will be on Wednesday (due to Tuesday being Carnival holiday).


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