Posted by: cyncas | February 5, 2010

Working with directions and positions in Maths sessions

This week apart from continuing with Time using the half hour on the clock we also worked on directions and positions.  We looked at the left and right hand side.  We decided that the right hand side is the hand we use to make the sign of the cross.  This is also the side towards the door in the classroom when facing the board with the windows being on the left.  This changes completely when we changed our direction and had our back to the board.  Now our right were the windows and the door was on the left.  In directions we also saw moving up or moving down, moving sideways, moving in a straight line, turning a full circle and also turning half a circle.  The children realized that positions change depending on which way you are looking.  Have a look at these photos – we have children who are moving their ‘toys’ around according to instructions.  It was a lot of fun, especially deciding which was their starting position and which way the ‘toy’ needed to be moved.  Do I move my ‘toy’ like my friend did?  Or is my friend’s toy’s position different from mine?  There was a lot to think about before they could move their ‘toy’.  Try it at home as well and see what fun. 🙂


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