Posted by: cyncas | February 5, 2010

Building sentences

Now that the children have built a bank of vocabulary, we have started looking at sentences.  We play with jumbled up words to build a sentence or a phrase.  When writing sentences we remember that the first letter has to have a capital (mummy) letter and that a sentence finishes with the Fullstop.  We are also encouraging to leave a space between words by putting our little finger of our other hand behind the word we have just written.  There are times when we look at one part of the sentence (example the capital letter), while closing an eye on the others.  Another day it will be the turn for another segment of sentence writing that we focus on, etc…. until all the segments are explored.  We have looked at pictures and finished the sentence, then we went on to having  jumbled words which need to be arranged in order to read a proper sentence.  We are also exploring using one word and trying to write a sentence which includes that word in it.  In these photos you can see the children moving cards around to form a sensible sentence – even if sometimes a silly one. 🙂  Use the same ideas at home to reinforce what we are doing in class.  The interactive part (play and exploring) comes before the writing of a sentence in full with all the segments in order.



  1. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    It is a fun way for the children to learn how to make up sentences. Nadege told me all about it, she realy enjoyed it!
    Keep it up!
    Dorianne Sammut

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