Posted by: cyncas | February 3, 2010

Parental involvement

Today we had a fantastic creative activity.  Parents were the teachers to help the students create big animals – most of them on the endangered animal list.

6 animals were created in all.  We had the pink Flamingoes, the hairy lion, the big toothy hippo, the colourful turtle, the smelly socky snake and the long necked giraffe.  Different media and colours were used to create these wonderful animals.  Lots of glueing, taping down pieces and painting was involved.  Materials used ranged from tissue paper to fur to toilet rolls to paper plates, corrugated card, wooden tiles and buttons.

It was a great enjoyment for all.  This activity could only be carried out by the help of these wonderful helpers.  Well done to all and many thanks for your collaboration. 🙂



  1. Dear Ms.Cynthia,
    Wish I was there as it looks you had a great time. I like all the animals that where created all with different materials.
    I realy wish to join in the fun maybe next time as I would need someone to take care of my son.
    A big thank you for everything you do with our children.
    Regards cooking session well done too, I am a big fan as I am the one who eats the food you cook. The fish cake sandwich was yummie!!
    Keep it up!
    Dorianne Sammut

    • Mrs Sammut, YOu are more than welcome to join in the next activity. I have started planning it out already. Will let you know when as soon as I finalize details. I am so glad you approve of our cookery sessions and that you enjoy Nadege’s culinary skills. 🙂

      • Thank you Ms.Cynthia let me know as soon as possible. Looking forward:)
        Good night.
        Dorianne Sammut

  2. Thanks to you Ms Cynthia for the opportunity to help! It was a great morning working with all the students and other mummies…. Well done to all for the superb crafted animals 🙂

  3. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    Thank you once again for a wonderful morning spent in your classroom. The activity was fun and well organised. Well done and keep up the good work!

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