Posted by: cyncas | February 1, 2010

Endangered animals

Today we started talking about this subtopic under Animals.  It brought a lot of interest from the children.  They asked a lot of questions as to why are the animals dying?  Why are they being caught?  Who are the cruel people who catch these animals and why?  There were some who came up with suggestions as to why and how we can save these animals.  Keep up the discussion at home as we can all do something – as little as it might seem – to help in this regard.

We then explored where these animals come from and found out that the larger the continent the more animals seem to be in danger.  Also not forgetting that the bigger the continent the more construction is in production – therefore more trees are cut down and more forests are destroyed for this purpose – more land for building – more wood for houses…..

It was a lovely session finished off with a beautiful chart.  Have a look……


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