Posted by: cyncas | January 27, 2010

Jungle story using Months, days and seasons

Today we started our day with a Jungle story.  The children were given a card which read either the name of a month or a day.  They were told that when they heard their month or day they needed to be the animal in the story linked with that.  It was a lot of fun and quick thinking on my part to invent a story linking all these together.  But it was very educational and fun at the same time, watching the polar bear looking for a cave in December and the penguin looking for snow in January, the hippo bathing in the river in July to kill the heat of Summer.  On a Monday the Eagle soared high in the sky looking for somewhere to build its nest while the birds in Spring had little babies.  During Autumn the tortoises, the squirrels and the chipmunk which had collected food during September, all went to sleep (hibernate) to wake up in March….. and so on.  It was so much fun watching the children calling each other because they knew who had which month and which day.   We will do it again soon children because it was lots of fun, don’t you agree???  I’m sorry but we were so absorbed, I did not have time to take photos.  Next time.



  1. Ms Cynthia

    this is amazing, before i get into the website to see the daily updates i get the information from filippa since once we are home she starts playing teachers :))) she is simply loving it and the learning method this year is simply brilliant a big big big thank you Ms Cynthia


    • Hello Mrs Gauci, It is so sweet to know that the children take school with them and roleplay it at home. That should keep any teacher on her toes… we are such examples to the children- sometimes it is scary, but I enjoy it. Thank you for your support and compliments.

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