Posted by: cyncas | January 26, 2010

Measuring Time during Maths Sessions

This week we are measuring Time.  We started off by working with the days of the week and learnt that the day before means ‘yesterday’ and the day after means ‘tomorrow’.  The children had fun recalling the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, which helped them sort out the days in order. 

We have also looked at the names of the months, especially the month each of us was born in.  The months were trickier to remember as there were a lot, all with different names.  Next we will go on to Seasons and then Time using the clock.  We will start with the ‘o’clock’ and then go on the half past.  More updates on these during the coming days. 

It would be interesting to the children if they had their own calendar at home, marking the name of the days and the months.  If you want to add the seasons the more interesting.  Another activity that the children would enjoy preparing and using would be structured times (try to keep to the hour or half past) of their day.  For example: a picture of waking up and a small clock showing the time, a picture of going to school and picture of clock, a picture of arriving home and the clock etc… till bedtime. 

If any of you attempt any of these charts bring them in to show us.  We would be glad to see them.


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