Posted by: cyncas | January 26, 2010

How many tens??

Another concept we are exploring in Maths at the moment is looking at numbers bigger than 10.  Apart from putting these numbers in order, and recognizing them, we went further on as to look at how many tens a certain number has. 

It was a fun activity that was presented to the children.  First they needed to look at a number and decide how many tens that number had and draw them in dots.  For example if they had 43 – they drew 4 rows of 10 dots and 3 single dots.  Then I drew the rows of dots and they needed to write their number.  They were enjoying themselves solving these mysteries, I set them up on an adventure to find their partners.  Half the class had a number with two digits written on their white boards.  The other half had the same numbers but in groups of 10 and digits in dots.  They had so much fun trying to decipher what number their rows of dots made and then to look up their partner.  Have a look at them in these photos and this is a game easily played at home.



  1. Well Done Ms. Cynthia for all these innovative activities you come up with to introduce new concepts to the class.

    • Thank you Mrs Axisa. I try to do my best and make learning as much fun as possible. I am a strong believer of hands on learning as I believe that is what stays with you the rest of your life and not how many pages of a book a child filled up when they were 5!!

  2. Interesting and fun!

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