Posted by: cyncas | January 19, 2010

Measuring in Maths

This week during our Maths sessions we are looking at ways to measure.  We have looked at objects which were easy to ‘measure’ using our eyes and deciding which were short and which were long.  Today we looked at another method of measuring.  We used our ‘span’.  By opening our hands wide open, we can measure objects by spanning them from our thumb to our baby finger.  It was real fun measuring and recording in this way.  Have a look!!



  1. Fran really had fun today. Now I understood why she was measuring every cm of furniture we have at home! I was scolding her because she was leaving fingerprints all over the house! Now that I know I’ll close my eyes and let her enjoy measuring!

    • Hello Francesca, well done for taking the concept of measure by ‘span’ home. Mrs Mifsud Cremona, now prepare the ruler because that is what we used to measure with today and cubes tomorrow!!! The children are really having fun measuring object using these different methods of measuring.

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