Posted by: cyncas | January 3, 2010

New Look

Dear children with the New Look to our Blog, I have added some new pages as well.  The pages are found at the top of the main page – on top of the main picture.  One of these new pages is called Forum.  This is mainly for you, so use it and have fun leaving your comments.  I will be waiting for them.  🙂



  1. Dear Ms.Cynyhia,
    Back to school again YEAH!!! Its good to know you had a good rest you realy deserved it after all the hard work. Nadege is looking forward for school again as she missed you and all her friends. I like the look of the blog well done!!
    On thursday, can they bring a book about animals?
    Thanks alot
    Dorianne Sammut

    • Hi Nadege, I missed you all as well, but everyone needs a break from time to time. It will be fun to be back. Of course you may bring a book about animals tomorrow. Have a good night sleep. xxxx

  2. Dear Ms Cynthia

    Glad to hear you are doing well. The holidays passed really quickly and I must admit I got used to Maya here with me at home… especially waking up late 🙂 but she is looking forward to start school again! Well done for the new look of the blog, it looks well organised. Thanks for all your hard work.
    See you tomorrow!

    • hello Mrs Zammit,
      It’s true we do get used to waking up early and taking it easier. I already started working like a frenzy tonight trying to get Gaia ready for bed earlier and hoping I wont have a big fight on my hand tomorrow morning. But routine is comfortable as well. As long as there is a balance I am happy. See you tomorrow and hope Maya has things to say about her holidays. Good night.

  3. thank you miss cynthia for the new website especially the forum pages. i was abroad and couldnt make use of them before today but i really like the pages.

    see you soon
    filippa xxx

    • Dear Filippa, hope you had lots of fun during your holidays. Be ready to tell us all about it on Thursday. Maybe you even saw some animals while you were away…. tell us about them.
      See you Thursday xxxx

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