Posted by: cyncas | December 17, 2009

Crib Making

Ninni la Tibkix izjed…… was our song today, while making cribs.  The children (and neither the parents), could understand how we needed a maltese loaf to make a crib!!!!

Enthusiasm grew high when it was time to make the cribs.  The children were amazed to see me cut only the front part of their bread and ask them to carve out the inside to make it look like a cave.  In unision they asked if they could eat the soft parts that they were ‘digging’ out.  Not a sound could be heard while the ‘digging’ and ‘stuffing mouths’ was going on 🙂  I can tell you the smell of the freshly baked bread was mouthwatering and all I needed were some tomatoes and some olive oil!!!!!

Once the cave was created, very patiently we stuck the ‘pasturi’.  Some had the whole tribe of Bethlehem, others included even the three kings.  Obviously there was only place for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, with the exception of some cribs who also accomodated the cow and donkey and maybe a lamb.  Some angels were carefully stuck on the top to ‘guard’ baby Jesus 🙂

A FUN and pleasant activity.  WEll done to all.



  1. It was a great idea to use the loaf as a crib. This is truly a maltese crib 🙂 Thanks for your hard work Ms Cynthia and well done for the Junior 1C’s christmas slot, I really enjoyed watching Maya and all the other girls and boys singing and dancing!

  2. Dear Ms.Cynthia,
    This year it was in my plans to buy a crib because it was what I had missing at home. Thanks to you we now have one and it is much better than buying it because it was done by Nadege herself. Very good idea and we love it!
    Dorianne Sammut

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