Posted by: cyncas | December 16, 2009

Fun Day

As a reward to the children, today was a Fun Day in Jnr 1C.  During the first part of the morning, the children were free to use any of the games available in class.  Some chose puzzles, others stencils to create lovely pictures.  Some other children opted to play with our big games of Ludo and Passju.  The Senduq Magiku was alos a favourite and the children wanted to play ‘school’ with themselves being the teacher.  After first break the games went away and in their place came out Dressing Up and Doctor’s Set.  The immagination, the children used during these games was tremendous and it was FUN to watch them and from time to time integrate with them.  A game that the children invented while playing was ‘ Going on the Bus!!’.  This bus transformed itself into a train, – all depending on the driver’s imagination.  We also had time to list to the Christmas Story of how Baby Jesus was born as well as sing some Christmas Carols.   Have a look at the photos to see what an enjoyable day everybody had. 🙂


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