Posted by: cyncas | December 10, 2009

Updates on Concert

Dear Parents,

Please kindly take note of the following important points for the coming week:

1.    Monday, 14th December: St. Agatha Dress Rehearsal.

On Monday the children need to come from home wearing their costumes and will return home with them.  No school books, only packed lunch and a drink.  Please make sure that you also give the Santa Costume and the torch in a bag.  Write child’s name on the front of bag and on ALL items sent.

2.    Tuesday, 15th December: Concert Day

Please take note that school finishes at 11.15. The children need to get their school bag and lunch and drink.  Please make sure the children rest a bit in the afternoon so that they are not too tired by the evening.

Children need to be at St. Agatha on Tuesday 15th December, at 4:45 wearing the costume from home. Please give them also a packed lunch and drink.

3.  Elves costumes:

Boys:  Polo neck need to be worn over the tights or leggings.  Tie the sash of tinsel around waist and leave to dangle on the side.  The children will tell you how we did it during the rehearsal on Friday.  School shoes or black shoes will be ideal footwear.

Girls: Polo neck need to be tucked in the skirt.  Girls need to wear their hair in plaits started low down from below their ears.  Scrunchy on end of plaits to match colour of tights and polo neck.  School shoes or black shoes are ideal footwear. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

Ms Cynthia



  1. Dear Ms Cynthia,

    Today Francesca arrived back home very happy that rehearsals went well. She can’t wait until tomorrow and keeps telling us not to forget that she has to wear the whole costume! Thank you for everything. I am sure that even if these past weeks were quite stressful tomorrow all ‘your ‘children will make you proud!
    P.S. By the way today she was explaining to her dolls that’ being in Ms Cynthia’s class is real fun’.

  2. Hello Ms.Cynthia,
    Good luck for tomorrow!!! (concert day). Nadege is very ecxited, even me I am looking forward for the show. Did all that sound of bells made you have a headeache? Because this morning when I put the costume on Nadege she started shaking the bells and it made a sound. Imagine 20 children all together:)
    Thanks alot
    Dorianne sammut

    • Hello Mrs Sammut,
      Yes there were times when the noise got to be beyond my hearing capacities!!! But they were all looking so cute and full of smile.:-) It was worth all the hassle of running around for fabric, accessories and coming and going to the seamstress to get the costumes ready and delivered on time for the rehearsals. Just watching them is reward enough. Enjoy tomorrow, I am sure the children will make us all proud.

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