Posted by: cyncas | December 8, 2009

Updates for this week:

Hello all:

These two weeks prior to the Christmas holidays are as always very hectic.  Please find some updates on what is happening in the coming days.

Friday 11th: Dress rehearsals at school.  Please make sure the children have their Christmas costume with hat, their torch as well as the poloneck and tights/leggings to go under the Elves costume.

Parents helping out please be in class by 10.15 if helping with the dressing up or at 11.30 if helping with the undressing of costume.  Thank you.

Monday 14th: Dress rehearsals at St Agatha, Rabat.

I think for safe keeping, it would be better that on Friday I keep all the costumes in class.  This way nobody forgets to bring anything with them.  I will then give them their elf costume including the under parts so that they come already dressed on Tuesday.

More info on  this day – if there are any changes.

Tuesday 15th: School day as usual but finishing time at 11.15.  Please make sure the children rest a bit in the afternoon so that they will not be overtired by the time they have to perform in the evening.

More info. about the evening when I have it.

I thank you all for collaborating and following instructions given.


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