Posted by: cyncas | December 3, 2009

Assistance for Rehearsals

Thanks to those who offered to help out.  Please note change of day and time and then let me know if you can still assist.

Our first rehearsals will be on Friday 11th at around 11.00(starting with the Jnr1A).  Therefore we will need assistance around 10.15 and then after our performance.  If you can’t spend all that time in class, let me know if you want to pick up a slot.  Maybe you can come to assist with the dressing up at around 10.15, or else at around 11.30 or 12.00 (I have no idea exactly of the time we will be on stage) to change the children back into their uniforms.

I thank you for all your collaboration and support.

Ms Cynthia



  1. Hi Ms. Cynthia, now that rehearsals have changed to the 11th I will be able to make it. It will be a pleasure to give a helping hand in class. Count me in.

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