Posted by: cyncas | December 2, 2009

Maltese session – letters this week

Please find below the letters, their stories and vocabulary for each letter tackled this week during our Maltese session.

G: Gerit u Gori għandhom gomma griza.

Ġ: Il-grieden dendlu ġolġol mal-qattus.

F: Fido ferah bil-fekruna u l-fenek.

g= gomma (rubber), griz (grey), granċ (crab), geddum (chin), gazzetta (newspaper), gaġġa (cage)

ġ = ġebla (stone), ġelat (ice-cream), ġnien (garden), ġobon (cheese), ġurdien (mouse), ġemel (camel)

f = farfett (butterfly), flus (money), fenek (rabbit), fanal (lamp), fjura (flower), fellus (chick)

Thanks to this system the children are building up a vast vocabulary in the Maltese language.  Being a phonetic language, most children are also trying to sound out the words learnt to write them down.  A very big well done to all those trying.:-)


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