Posted by: cyncas | December 1, 2009

Christmas countdown

23 sleeps, 22 days to Christmas…….

Today we continued with our Christmas activities.

Our first activity was the planting of the gulbiena (Christmas seed).  The children first decorated the cup to look very Christmassy, then filled the cup with cotton wool and then placed the gulbiena seeds which we had soaked first thing in the morning.  It was very exciting and some children expected the seed to grow miraculously 🙂  We then tried to find a place in the dark, so that our gulbiena grows lovely.

Our second activity was creating decorations for the classroom.  Here the children had a lot of patterns to choose from.  Everyone was happy creating along using their own imagination.  At the end of the session, we had santa clauses, angels, bells, christmas trees, stars and stockings.  The classroom looks beautiful with all the things you have created.  You will all see it tomorrow.:-)

Today we kicked off the Christmas countdown. 

First thing in the morning, we checked what Rudolph left us in the stocking of the 1st day of our Advent Calendar. 

 We then had fun decorating the Christmas tree, which finished off with a telling of a Secret by Ms Sue.  As you can see we are all absorbed in what Ms Sue is telling us. 

Later on in the day we started working on some Elves. We made them look like each one of us is going to be during the Christmas concert. 

We also had time to start decorating our Classrooms.  If you want to prepare some decorations and bring them in to decorate the classroom you are more than welcome.

Have a look at all the FUN we had today with our first day of counting down to Christmas……. 

 24 sleeps, 23 days to Christmas 🙂



  1. Dear Ms.Cynthia,
    A very ecxiting time of the year for all of us espacially for the children. Nadege is doing practice at home for the concert as she sings all the time. She comes from school all ecxited and looking forward for all the activities to come. And also she comes home with new words in Maltese which she enjoys and started enjoying reading maltese books too. Thanks, you realy are giving our kids a holistic all rounder education which makes everything more fun.
    God Bless
    Dorianne Sammut

  2. This week looked like a very busy week. Fran always arrived home very tired and excited wanting to tell us about all the things she did at school! She wouldn’t hear of missing a day….and practises her concert (even if she says it should be a surprise). However Ms Sue’s secret is a big mystery and even if we tried in every way to make Fran say something she just kept her mouth shut! Keep up the good work!

    • Yes it is indeed a very busy period in class. The children are all doing very well with their practice and also manage to find time for Christmas creative activities.
      Francesca keep it a secret, so that Mummy and daddy will enjoy the show better… as for the Secret of Ms Sue……. try harder!!!!! 🙂

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